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Many of these are videocassettes and not DVDs

18 to 49 [videorecording] : over the hill? / produced  by Steven Reiner.
 Variant title: Title on cassette label: 60 minutes, 18-49 television advertising     
Publication info: [New York] : CBS Worldwide, Inc
. c2002.
Physical description: 1 videocassette (13 min.)  General note: Originally broadcast as a segment on 60 minutes     Credits: Producer, Catherine Olian.
 Abstract: Morley Safer looks behind the new fall television schedule to report on why advertisers and television
executives cater to youth.
 Technical details: VHS.
  HF6146 .T42 E34 2002    
The 30 second seduction [videorecording] : a Consumer  Reports special on television advertising / [released  by] Films Incorporated ; [presented by] Home Box  Office ; producer, Allan A. Goldstein ; writer, Susan
Kim ; produced by Consumers Union of Uned States, Inc.  in association with Tuscany Productions, Inc.      Publication info: Wilmette, Ill. : Films Inc.,
Physical description: 1 videocassette (VHS) (28 min.)             
Abstract: An investigation of the modern television commercial,  thirty seconds' worth of someone's creative ideas on  how to capture the viewer's attention and arouse the  viewer's imagination. Emphasizes that commercials talk
 about everything except the merits of the product.
HF6146.T42 T4    
43rd annual Clio awards [videorecording (DVD)] : the best of 2002 : the Clio gold winners.
Publication info: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences,  c2002.
"This program catalogs 2002's winners of the gold Clio awards. Entries include Blockbuster's "Carl and  Ray--Kung Fu", Nutrasweet's "Fake", Nike's Freestyle", Sony Wega's "Kite", Guinness's "Dreamer",    Telecom Argentina's "Yawn", Moonlight Cinema's  "Mozzie", the French Electricity Board's "The Valley", BMW of North America's "Ambush", Fox Sport's "Leaf  Blower" and "Nail Gun", Doctors Without Borders' "Frontières", and Womankind Worldwide's "Women  Abuse".
HF6146.T42 C55 2002        
46th annual Clio awards [videorecording (DVD)] : the Clios 2005.
Publication info: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences,  c2005.
 Contents: Disc 1. Introduction -- Gold and silver winners. --  disc 2. Bronze winners.
Abstract: This program revisits 2005's winners of the gold,  silver, and bronze Clio Awards.  Entries include
  Nike's "Evolution," "Shoxploitation," and "Scary House;" Volkswagen's "Time;" Wanadoo's "The Chase;"  Adidas' "Improvisation;" Labatt-Bud Light's "Cuppa;"  Toyota Prius's "Donkey;" Stella's "Pilot;" Ford Ranger  Opencab's "King Kong;" Bud Light's "Sky Diver;" and  Miller Lite's "Victims."
HF6146 .T42 C55 2005    
A+ creative award finalists [videorecording]     
Publication info: [New York?] : American Association of Advertising Agencies
, [1992?]
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (ca. 60 min.)             
Abstract: 1992 print, radio and television advertising award  winners.
 Technical details: VHS format.
HF5816 .F56 1992   
Advertising age best TV commercials of the year [videorecording].     
Publication info: New York : Crain Communications,
 Physical description: 1 videocassette (120 min.)             
Abstract: The editors of Advertising Age choice of best TV commercials of 1986.
HF6146.T42 A38 1987
Advertising age's the best advertising, 1993 [videorecording]
 Publication info: New York : Advertising Age, c1993.
 Physical description: 1 videocassette (ca. 60 min.)             
Contents: The best automotive commercial -- The best alcoholic beverages commercial -- The best apparel commercial --The best technology/communications commercial -- The  best entertainment commercial -- The best
PSA/Government commercial -- The best miscellaneous commercial -- The best non-alcoholic beverages
commercial -- The best grocery products commercial -- The best retail/fast food commercial -- The best
 toiletries/beauty aids commercial -- The best editing -- The best cinematography -- The best visual effects        campaigns -- The best radio commercial -- The best out-of-home -- The best magazine advertising -- The
 best newspaper advertising.             
Abstract: Presents the television commercials selected by Advertising Age magazine as the year's best.
 Technical details: VHS format.
HF6146.T42 A38 1993        
Advertising age's the best of 1991 [videorecording]     
Publication info: New York : Advertising Age, c1992.                                                                             
 Physical description: 1 videocassette (ca. 60 min.)             
Abstract: Presents the television commercials selected by Advertising Age magazine as the year's best.
 Technical details: VHS format.
HF6146.T42 A38 1992
Advertising and promotion management [videorecording (DVD)] / prepared by John A. Quelch ; Harvard Business  School. Edition: 2nd ed.
 Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School, c1987.
 Physical description: 1 videocassette (60 min.)  General note: U-matic format.
 General note: Television commercials to accompany: Cases in  advertising and promotion management / by John A. Quelch and Paul W. Ferris. -- 2nd ed. -- Plano, Tex. : Business Publications,
Abstract: Television commercials for: Fevertest, Mary Kay, CSX  Corporation, British Airways, English Leather, Racquet   Club (cologne), Cambridge (cologne), Pepsi, Coca Cola,  Fresca, Tab, Smoking and Health, Jim Thompson (for  governor of Illinois), Cable News Netwrk, U.S. Postal  Service, Suave, Priests, Vaseline, and Cinch
 (dishwashing liquid).  Then John Quelch interviews Larry Schulsinger of Proctor and Gamble about the
 introduction, promotion and advertisement of Cinch.
 HF6146.T42 A4 1987                 
Affluenza [videorecording]
Producers, John de Graaf. a co-production of KCTS Television and Oregon Public Broadcasting
Publication info: Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films,
Contents: Symptom: Swollen expectations -- Symptom: Shopping fever -- Symptom: Chronic stress -- Symptom: Hyper  commercialism -- Symptom: Material: Girls (and boys) -- Symptom: Rash of bankruptcies -- Symptom: Fractured families -- Symptom: Social scars -- Symptom: Resource  exhaustion -- Symptom: Global infection.             
 Abstract: Uses personal stories, expert commentary and old film clips to illustrate the causes and consequences of   consumerism in American society.
 Personal author: De Graaf, John.  Boe, Vivia. Simon, Scott.
 Corporate author: KCTS (Television station : Seattle, Wash.) Oregon Public Broadcasting. Bullfrog Films, inc.
Teacher's guide:
HF5415.33.U6 A37 1997   
Anaquest [videorecording] : the professional services project
 Harvard Business School ; prepared by Michael R. Vitale.
Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Publishing Division,
Abstract: Illustrates the use and sale of Forane, an Anaquest  product, and the approach the company took to       introduce portable computer technology to support its sales force.  To be used with the Harvard Business School case of the same title.
 HD9666.5 .A5X    
Brand marketing [videorecording] : why we eat, drink, and wear brand names.
Publication info: Lake Zurich, IL : Learning Seed, 2000.
 Abstract: The change from purchasing goods and commodities to that of purchasing brand names is a revolution in
 marketing as well as a change in how we view the  world. In order to understand our culture, marketing,  and our consumer society, one must understand the  power of brand names.
HD69 .B7 .B73 2000                                                       
Branded [videorecording] / BBC Education & Training: an Elgin Production for BBC in assocation with Roger Bolton Productions ; series producer and director, Peter Swain.
 Title on cassette labels and containers: Branded : the power of brand names
 Publication info: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities and  Sciences,
 Contents: [1] Nike, why do it? -- [2] Heinz, has beanz [sic]? -- [3] Levi Strauss & Co., blue dreams.              Abstract: Examines the development, management, and marketing of  brand names in three companies: Nike, Heinz, and Levi  Strauss      
Personal author: Swain, Peter. Marshall, Jill.                                                                         
 HF5415.15.B73 1999 TAPE 1       

Title: Branded [videorecording] : personal identity through consumer products / VPRO ; samenstellung Alexander  Oey, Femke Wolting.

 Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences,   c2000.

 Physical description: 1 videocassette (42 min.)

 Abstract: This program updates the philosophy of branding, a practice that has evolved to define personal identity

 through a product line, a lifestyle, or simply a  concept.

 Technical details: VHS.

 Personal author: Oey, Alexander. Wolting, Femke.

HF6161 .B4 B736 2000 


Branding [videorecording] : the marketing advantage

 producer, Brian Edwards ; a Lauderdale production for  BBC for Business.
 Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities and Sciences,
 Contents: [Cass. 1.] Threats to the brand (15 min.) -- [cass.   2.] Managing brand equity (19 min.) -- [cass. 3.]
 Adding value (16 min.) -- [cass. 4.] Retailer power (11 min.) -- [cass. 5.] Globalization (20 min.) --
 [cass. 6.] Relationship marketing (14 min.) -- [cass. 7.] The future for marketing (15 min.).
 Abstract: Programs explore various aspects of brand name  marketing.
 Personal author: Edwards, Brian.
HD69 .B7 B738 1997


Brands [videorecording] / Television Education  Network.

Publication info: [England?] : Television Education Network, 2000.

Physical description: 1 videocassette (29 min.)

Abstract: Examines what is a brand; types of branding; how to brand successfully; and the costs and benefits of


Technical details: VHS.

HD69 .B7 B72 2000  

British Airways [videorecording] : an interview with Jim Harris, directory of marketing / Harvard Business  School ; prepared by John A. Quelch.
 Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business School Pub. Division,
 Abstract: British Airways' director of marketing discusses the airline's marketing and advertising campaigns.
 HE9843.B7 B75 1985   
Buy-ology [videorecording (DVD) : the science of buying and selling / a BBC/TLC co-production.  Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities and Sciences,  2002.
Contents: [Pt.1.] Why we buy -- [Pt. 2.] How they sell.
Credits: Producer, Kate Broome; Directors, Graham Strong and James Erskine; Executive producer, Mark Hill.
Abstract: Americans, as a whole, live in a constant state of   acquiring and discarding, collectively spending  billions of dollars and innumerable hours on shopping  every day of the week. This two-part series draws on  experimental data, anecdotal case studies, and   interviews with experts to scrutinize why people buy and how sellers manipulate their desires.
Personal author: Broome, Kate. Strong, Graham.Erskine, James.
1)HF5415.2 .B89 2002 PT.1           2)HF5415.2 .B89 2002 PT.2
Calyx and Corolla [videorecording] / Harvard Business School.
 Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business Publishing Corporation
,   [1992?]
 Abstract: Describes Ruth Owades's idea of a fresh flower mail order business and the successful development of Calyx  & Corolla.
HF5467.C35 C66 1992
CEO exchange. Maverick CEOs [videorecording (DVD)] : how to attract buzz rather than buzzards! / WTTW
National Productions in association with Businessweek. [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Home Video, c2007.
Performer: Jeffrey C. Taylor, Kathy Cloninger, Jeremy Allaire ;   hosted by Jeff Greenfield
Abstract: "Meet three maverick CEOs who know how to build excitement around their enterprises.  At Eons, an  online networking site for baby boomers, Jeff Taylor  is hoping to recreate the boom generated by Monster, the world's #1 job search website, which he also founded.  Kathy Cloninger has lit a fire under the  Girl Scouts of the USA in order to transform the  95-year-old organization into a relevant experience  for modern girls.  And at Brightcove, Jeremy Allaire has shed light on how to make money by streaming video on the Net thorugh an alternative to YouTube that has  attracted an impressive array of clients and  investors." [container]
HF5827.95 .C46 M39 2007
ClearVue [videorecording] / Babson College.
 Publication info: Babson Park, Mass. : Babson College,
Series: (The Entrepreneurship case video series. Case no.  010-C96A)
 Credits: Director, Bill Bygrave; producer, Jo Ann Mathieu;  senior editor/writer, Dan D'Heilly; editor/writers,
 Andrea Alyse, Brooks O'Kane             
 Abstract: Brooks O'Kane, who has increased sales of ClearVue  Products dramatically in less than ten years, is
 offered an opportunity to acquire Red Cross Nurse disinfectant, a mature product with declining sales.
HB615 .B23 E68 NO. 4   
Chipman-Union, Inc [videorecording (DVD)]
Harvard  Business School ; prepared by John A. Quelch
Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School,
Abstract: An interview with Carl Hagen, the company  vice-president for sales, as he describes the decisions made in the introduction of a branded line of men's athletic socks.
Personal author: Quelch, John A. Hagen, Carl.
1)HD9969.H82 C55 1982    
Compaq Computer focus groups [videorecording (DVD)
Harvard Business School: Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Pub. Corp., [2005]          
Abstract: Presents actual video footage of focus groups for  market research on notebook computers. Shows the way  groups interact, how they are conducted, and the   message you can get from talking to the customer.  
Terms of use/reprod: This content may be used only in face-to-face classes  led by an instructor at educational institutions that  have purchased this disk. It may not be reproduced,  modified, edited, or translated, and its contents may   not be used in any other product or format.    
Personal author: Gouillart, Francis J.  Sturdivant, Frederick D.   
 HF5415.15 .C66 2005  
Diesel for successful living [videorecording]
 Publication info: Babson Park, Mass. : ECCH at Babson Ltd., [2001].         
General note: Accompanies the European Case Clearinghouse case  "Diesel for successful living : branding strategies for an up-market line extension in the fashion  industry"
 Abstract: A collection of commercials from Diesel.  The main objectives of the case are to develop an understanding of the key issues involved in managing a portfolio of  brands and to evaluate alternative branding strategies for launching a new brand using a structured approach  and tools.  The case also illustrates critical issues
 in the marketing of fashion and luxury brands, most notably brand extensions.
HF5415.15 .D54 2001
EFFIE Awards 2002 : spotlight on excellence [videorecording] / presented by the New York American  Marketing Association.     
Publication info: New York : American Marketing Association,
 Abstract: Presents the print and television advertisements that  received the 2002 EFFIE awards. The EFFIE awards honor  the agency/client teams that have created campaigns  with proven results in the advertising and marketing  industry.
HF5816 .E34 2002  
Ethics in marketing [videorecording] / Harvard Business School.
 Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation,
Abstract: Television commercials from Suzuki, Chevron, Lenor, Sorrel Ridge, Massachusetts Lottery, Reebok.
 HF6146.T42 E84 1993  
Federal Express Customer Service Department [videorecording] / Harvard Business School ; prepared  by Christopher H. Lovelock.
 Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business School Publishing Division,
 General note: Accompanies HBS cases 581-017 and 581-102.
 Abstract: Presents an introduction to COSMOS, a centralized computer system for ordering Federal Express services and tracing packages; an interview with Heinz Adam in which he describes the implementation of the system;  and, a tape 'You're on line' to introduce COSMOS to employees.      
Personal author: Adam, Heinz. Lovelock, Christopher H.
HE5903.F435 F437 1982
Free speech and advertising-who draws the line? [videorecording] / produced by Boston University's Institute for Democractic Communication.
 Publication info: Boston : Boston University,
 Physical description: 1 videocassette (VHS) (60 min.) :             
Abstract: In April 1987, 14 distinguished Americans,  representing the law, medicine, universities,
 publishing, tobacco and alcohol industries, met in Faneuil Hall to discuss the conflict between the 1st
Amendment and concerns for public health. The 1976  Supreme Court ruling that truthful advertising has 1st
 Amendment protection conflicts with currently proposed  bans on alcohol and tobacco advertisng.
 Personal author: Nesson, Charles R.  Corporate author: Boston University. College of Communication. Institute
  for Democratic Communication.
KF1614 .F84X 1987 
From scooters to fryers [videorecording]
 Publication info: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences,  c1994.
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (62 min.)              
Credits: Executive producer, Thomas Deutschmann.                
Abstract: Features award-winning television commercials as  broadcast in their countries of origin and interviews
 with their creators.
 Technical details: VHS.      
Personal author: Loughran, Kim.
 Corporate author: Films for the Humanities (Firm)
HF6146 .T42 F76X 1994 
The Gillette Company [videorecording] : Dry Idea advertising     
Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business School, Publishing Division,
Physical description: 3 videocassettes (65 min.) :    General note: VHS format.
Abstract: Presents an account of the five year struggle to solve creative problems on the Dry Idea brand
 antiperspirant. Reviews early advertising, reenactment  of meeting of managers and advertising agency, and
 interviews with bake-off participants.
HD9999.R32 G544X PT.1  HD9999.R32 G544X PT.2  HD9999.R32 G544X PT.3   
Harrah's Total Rewards Gary Loveman [videorecording (DVD)
prepared by John Deighton.      Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business School, c2006.  
Terms of use/reprod: This content may be used only in face-to-face classes  led by an instructor at educational institutions that  have purchased this disk.  It may not be reproduced,  modified, edited, or translated, and its contents may  not be used in any other product or format.
HD9999 .C28 H29 2006 
How to build a brand [videorecording] / a production of the Stanford Video Media Group of the Stanford
Alumni Association.     
Publication info: [Stanford, CA] : Stanford Video ; Mill Valley, CA :   Kantola Productions [distributor],
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (49 min. 16 sec.) : sd., col. ; 1/2              
Credits: Executive producer, Catherine O'Brien ; producer, Paul  Marca.             
Abstract: John Kilcullen is the man behind the "For dummies"  series. That idea was carefully crafted to appeal to
 buyers. Here he explains his strategy of creating a brand.                                                                              
HD69 .B7 .K55 1999   
How  is advertising shaping the image of women? [videorecording (DVD)].
 Publication info: New York, NY] : Advertising Educational Foundation, [2003.
 Physical description: 3 videodiscs (275 min.)             
 Abstract: Lectures held at Northwestern University, Thorne Auditorium, Chicago, October 18th 2003; sponsored by  the Advertising Educational Foundation.
 Technical details: DVD format.     
Corporate author: Advertising Educational Foundation (New York, N.Y.)
HF5823 .H69 2003
How to get ahead in advertising [videorecording (DVD)] / Hand Made Films ; produced by David Wimbury  written & directed by Bruce Robinson.     
Publication info: [United States] : Criterion Collection,
Physical description: 1 videodisc (94 min.) Series: (Criterion collection ; 120)
 General note: Originally produced as a motion picture in 1988 by Handmade Films.            
Abstract: British comedy takes on elements of the fantastic as   it satirizes the advertising industry.
Technical details: DVD;      
Personal author: Grant, Richard E., 1957- Ward, Rachel, 1957- Wilson, Richard, 1936 July 9- Tong, Jacqueline.
 Wooldridge, Susan.: Shrapnel, John. Robinson, Bruce, 1946-: Wimbury, David. Dundas, David Wentworth, Rick.
PN1997 .H6875 2001
The ice cream wars [videorecording] / producer, Brian Edwards ; a Lauderdale production for BBC.
 Variant title: Original BBC broadcast title: From food to fashion
  Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities, c1998.         
General note: Originally broadcast in 1994 as a segment of: The Business.             
Abstract: Examines how luxury ice cream companies are vying for European market shares. Discusses a variety of
strategies used by Häagen-Dazs to present ice cream  as a sensual gourmet specialty. Executives from  competitors discuss marketing strategies that appeal  to more traditional values.
HD9281 .E82 I3 1998  
Internet shopping [videorecording] : interactive or invasive?
 Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 
(VHS) (13 min.) 2000
 General note: Originally broadcast on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer                                    
Abstract: An analysis of commerce, advertising and consumer  privacy on the Internet, focusing on, and Lycos, Inc.      
Personal author: Kaye, Jeffrey. Mulligan, Deirdre.
HF5548.32 .I58 2000 
Interview with Christine Day [videorecording (DVD)] :   Starbucks
prepared by John Quelch.  Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business Pub. Corp.,
: Starbucks' Christine Day addresses issues related to  relationship marketing and customer satisfaction.   Terms of use/reprod: This content may be used only in face-to-face classes   led by an instructor at educational institutions that  have purchased this disk. It may not be reproduced,  modified, edited, or translated, and its contents may not be used in any other product or format. To obtain  a license that authorizes other uses of this product,  please contact HBSP Customer Service.
Personal author: Quelch, John A. Day, Christine
HF5415.55 .I61 2005      
Is the best work still done in the US? [videorecording  (DVD)]
American Association of Advertising Agencies. Publication info: New York, N.Y. : Admaster, Inc., 1987.
Advertising executives compare the advertising  industries in the United Kingdom and United States   with examples of recent commercials.     
HF6146.T42 I88 1987   
Loctite Corporation [videorecording] / Harvard  Business School ; prepared by John A. Quelch.
 Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School,
 videocassette (7 min.)  Series: (HBS case services)
 Abstract: John A. Quelch interviews Jeffrey J. Fox, the Loctite vice-president for marketing in April 1982.  Fox he
 describes the decisions made in introducing a new  product. An innovative strategy had to be planned for
  marketing industrial adhesives and the equipment  designed to dispense them.
 Technical details: VHS format.      
Personal author: Quelch, John A. Fox, Jeffrey J.
HD9999.A44 L63 1982  
MEM Company (videorecording (DVD)
prepared by John  A. Quelch.  Publication info: Boston, Mass : Harvard Business School, c1982 
 Abstract: Gay Mayer, president of the MEM company describes the  problems presented by the introduction of a new line of men's toiletries.  
Personal author: Mayer, Gay. Quelch, John A.      
HD9970.5.T654 M46 1982
The merchants of cool [videorecording (DVD)]
Produced by Barak Goodman, Rachel Dretzin ; directed by Barak Goodman ; written by Rachel Dretzin ; a  Frontline co-production with 10/20 Productions, LLC ;  WGBH Educational Foundation ; WGBH Boston.   Publication info: [Alexandria, Va.] : Distributed by PBS Home Video,  [2003]
Abstract: "Frontline journeys into the world of the marketers of  popular culture to teenagers. They spend their days  sifting through reams of market research data. They conduct endless surveys and focus groups. They comb  the streets, the schools, and the malls, hot on the  trail of the 'next big thing' that will snare the  attention of their prey, a market segment worth an  estimated $300 billion a year. They are the merchants   of cool: the creators and sellers of popular culture, who have made teens the hottest consumer demographic  in America"--PBS/Frontline web site.
Terms of use/reprod: PBS permits the right to: (1) use this video in front  of any public or private group providing no admission  is charged for viewing; and (2) distribute this video via closed circuit cable, ITFS, or other distribution system within a single building or among the buildings  on a single campus.  NOT INCLUDED: ...rights to broadcast to the general public by any means ...[nor  the right to] duplicate this video
Personal author: Goodman, Barak.  Goodman, Rachel Dretzin. Rushkoff, Douglas
HF5415.33 .U6 M47 2003    

The next big idea : the future of branded entertainment [videorecording (DVD)] / presented by

 Hallmark Channel.

 Publication info: New York, N.Y. : Hallmark Channel, 2004.

Physical description: 1 videodisc (192 min.)             
Contents: The future of branded entertainment / Jim Taylor --   Panel discussion: What's the next "Killer Content" in

 film, programming and gaming? / moderated by Bob  Dowling --  Keynote presentation "The influence of

 branding" / David Collins -- Branded entertainment:   the client's perspective / Rich Stoddart -- How to

 mastermind the branded entertainment experience /  Donny Deutsch & Damon Dash.

 Corporate author: Manatt: manatt, phelps, phillips. the real people people.: Adweek (Firm)

 Mediaweek. SGB: sporting goods business. Billboard. Nielsen Media Research. Shoot.

 New York University. Stern School of Government.

HF6146 .P78 N49 2004   

On key [videorecording] / produced by WGBH Boston ; produced and directed by Thatcher Drew ; written by
 Caryl Ratner.  Cover title: Enterprise III On key
  Publication info: Northbrook, Ill. : MTI Teleprograms,
videocassette (29 min.) VHS format             
Abstract: The story of industrial designer, Ned Steinberger,  marketing a new guitar and the business problems
 encountered with growth and success.
 Personal author: Drew, Thatcher.: Ratner, Caryl.
HD9999.M8 O54X    
Pack of lies [videorecording] : the advertising of tobacco / producer and editor, Sut Jhally ; written by
 Jean Kilbourne, Rick Pollay.
 Publication info: Northampton, MA : Foundation for Media Education,  
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (38 min.) :
Abstract: A hard-hitting expose of the advertising strategies of  the tobacco industry. Reveals the cynical and
 manipulative way in which the "pack of lies" is spread, and new generations of nicotine addicts are created.
Technical details: VHS.      
Personal author: Jhally, Sut. Kilbourne, Jean. Pollay, Richard W.
HF6161.T6 P33 1992 
The persuaders [videorecording (DVD)]
Directed by Barak Goodman and Rachel Dretzin ; produced by Rachel  Dretzin, Barak Goodman and Muriel Soenens ; written by Barak Goodman & Douglas Rushkoff ; a Frontline co-production with Ark Media ; WGBH Boston.   Publication info: [Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Home Video, c2004.
Examines the "persuasion industries" of advertising  and public relations. Shows how marketers have  developed new ways of integrating their message into  the fabric of our lives. Explores how the culture of            marketing has come to shape the way Americans  understand the world and themselves and how the                         techniques of the persuasion industries have migrated  to politics.
HF5813 .U6 P48 2004 
Plymptoons [videorecording (DVD)] : the classic works of Bill Plympton.
Publication info: Portland, Or. : IndieDVD, c2002
Special features: Special introduction with Bill Plympton and Lloyd Kaufman ; Plympton rarities: rare  early footage of and by Bill Plympton ; commentary  tracks with Bill Plympton ; see the comics that  inspired the films ; two exclusive Bill Plympton  featurettes
Contents: Self portrait (1992, 0:15) -- The turn on (1968, 2:00)    -- Lucas, the ear of corn (1968, 4:00) – Boomtown    (1985, 6:00) -- Drawing lesson #2 (1987, 6:00) – Your  face (1987, 3:10) -- Love in the fast lane (1987,   3:00) -- One of those days (1988, 7:50) -- How to kiss (1989, 6:35) -- 25 ways to quit smoking (1989, 5:00)   -- 245 days (1989, 4:25) -- Noodle ear (1989, 0:15) -- Human rights (1989, 0:20) -- Environmental: acid rain   (1989, 0:20) -- Trivial pursuit (1990, 0:30) – Sugar  delight (1991, 0:30) -- Sugar delight (1991, 0:30) -- Previous lives (1991, 0:15) -- Previous lives (1991,  0:15) --Plymptoons (1990, 6:45).
Abstract: Short animation efforts, many award winners, by Bill Plympton, ranging from black comedy shorts to advertisements for MTV, Trivial Pursuit and  Nutrasweet.
Procter & Gamble Europe [videorecording] : Vizir launch / Harvard Business School ; prepared by
 Christopher A. Bartlett.
 Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business School Publishing Division,
  Physical description: 1 videocassette         
General note: An interview with Wolfgang C. Berndt, February 5,  1986. Berndt describes the introduction of Vizir, a  heavy duty liquid soap, into the European market, the  pressures of competition, the organization of Procter
 & Gamble's European divisions, and the future of  global marketing.      
Personal author: Bartlett, Christopher A.Berndt, Wolfgang.    
HD9999.S74 P742 1986     
Reebok commercials, 1988 [videorecording] / Harvard  Business School.
 Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Publishing  Division,
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (5 min.)
Subject: Athletic shoes--United States--Case studies.   Subject: Television advertising--United States--Case studies.
HF6146.T42 R44 1988  
Relationship marketing [videorecording] / producer, Brian Edwards ; a Lauderdale production for BBC for  Business.
Variant title: Title on container: Branding, relationship marketing
Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (14 min.)  General note: Produced and released in the U.K. in 1995.              Abstract: Shows how companies have attempted to attract and  retain customers through relationship marketing.
 Technical details: VHS.      
Personal author: Edwards, Brian.
HF5415.55 .B73 1997            
Richard Branson [videorecording] : building the Virgin brand / BBC ; producer, James Stephenson.    
Portion of title: Building the Virgin brand
Publication info: Princeton, N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences [distributor],
Physical description: 1 videocassette (28 min.) General note: Originally produced as a segment of the BBC program,  The Money Program.
 Abstract: In front of a live audience, Richard Branson, of Virgin Group, discusses how he built and marketed
Virgin as a brand name.  Includes a question and answer session from the audience.
  Technical details: VHS.
HF5415.15 .R75 1998  
The Sizzle behind the sell [videorecording] / a  production of WBZ-TV's Special Projects Unit ;
 producer, Sylvia Stevens ; director, Charles Thanas.   
Publication info: Boston, MA : WBZ-TV 4,
Physical description: 1 videocassette (60 min.)          General note: VHS format.
 Abstract: Shows how product images are created for television commercials and how research and marketing identify the incentives which will get us to buy.  "Truth in advertising" and the controversies surrounding  advertising aimed at children are discussed.
 Personal author: Flavin, Dick. Thanas, Charles. Stevens, Sylvia.
HF6146.T42 S59 1995      
Slim hopes [videorecording] : advertising and the obsession  with thinness / a production of the Media  Education Foundation.
 Publication info: Northampton, MA : Media Education Foundation
, c1995.
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (30 min.)                      
 Abstract: (Producer)  Jean Kilbourne is the creator of the award  winning film "Still Killing Us Softly" and a popular  lecturer on college campuses. Using examples of over 120 ads from magazines and T.V., Slim Hopes offers a  new way to think about demoralizing and  life-threatening eating disorders such as anorexia and  bulimia.
Technical details: VHS format.
 Personal author: Kilbourne, Jean. Jhally, Sut.
 Corporate author: Media Education Foundation.
BF697.5.B63 S64 1995                  
Spend a day in the life of your customers  [videorecording] / produced by Harvard Business Review
 Video in association with Powderhouse Productions.
 Publication info: Boston, MA : Harvard Business Review Video ;
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (24 min. 25 sec.)             
Abstract: Looks at what it really takes to gain a deep  understanding of customer needs.
 Technical details: VHS.      
Personal author: Gouillart, Francis J. Sturdivant, Frederick D.                                                                              
HF5415.5.H37 S74 1996    
The strength to resist [videorecording (DVD)] : media's impact on women & girls
Produced and  directed by Margaret Lazarus [and] Renner Wunderlich. Cambridge, Mass. : Cambridge Documentary Films, [2005]
General note: "To avoid confusion, please note that after January   2005, the title of the film "Beyond Killing Us Softly"  was changed to "THE STRENGTH TO RESIST: Media's Impact   on Women and Girls."
Originally produced in 2000
: A documentary about the fight against the toxic and  degrading messages to women and girls that dominate  the media. The film presents the leading authorities  in the fields of psychology of women and girls, eating  disorders, gender studies, violence against women, and  media literacy -- and focuses their ideas on practical
 solutions and the best tactics for reclaiming our  culture.
Terms of use/reprod: This film or any part of this film, shall not be  duplicated, leased, televised, broadcast or used in  any commercial showing for for which admission is  charged. This license is not transferable to others.      

Personal author: Lazarus, Margaret.  Wunderlich, Renner.  Gilligan, Carol, 1936-  Steiner-Adair,  Catherine.Dines, Gail. Steinem, Gloria.  Richards, Amy.  Batts, Valerie.
HF5827.85 .S76 2005 
Toyota [videorecording] : repositioning the brand in Europe
    Meehan, Seán. Dominique Turpin and Research Assistant George Raedler
Babson Park, ECCH 2003.
  Toyota’s decentralized marketing approach in Europe , the Launch of the Yaris. Features ads directed to several European countries (decentralized approach) as well as European wide marketing (centralized).
Corporate Author: IMD International (Institute)
Turning around L'Oreal Thailand [videorecording] :  interview with Chris Martin, managing director,
 L'Oreal Thailand / by Professor Dominique Turpin.     
Publication info: Babson Park, MA : ECCH at Babson,
 Physical description: 1 videocassette (approx. 27 min.)                         
 Abstract: Chris Martin, Managing Director of L'Oreal Thailand  discusses with Professor Dominique Turpin the
 management decisions he made during his successful turnaround efforts of the company during 2000-2001.
 Primary among these were brand management strategies,  financial controls, and team building in the face of
 the Asian Crisis, increasing competition, and a  history of lagging employee moral.
 Technical details: VHS
HD9970.5 .T654 O7 2003   

The value of brands [videorecording] / Rai Trade ;realisation, Jürg Ebe, Uli Wismer ; producer, John Winistoerfer ; a co-production of the European   Broadcasting Union ; produced by Blackbox AG, Zurich.

Publication info: Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences,       c2000.

Physical description: 1 videocassette (29 min.)

Abstract: Investigates how brands are developed and maintained   and demonstrates the contribution of brand names in adding appeal to products. Uses examples from Alessi's line of home furnishings and Nestle's Nescafé coffee brand. at prominent companies to demonstrate the contribution of brand names in adding appeal to products.

Technical details: VHS.

Corporate author: Rai Trade (Firm): European Broadcasting Union. Blackbox AG.

Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)

HD69 .B7 V35X 2000  

Vick's Health Care Division [videorecording] : Project Scorpio / Harvard Business School ; prepared by George S. Yip, J.R. Williams.
 Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Publishing,
Physical description: 1 videocassette (8 min.)             
Abstract: Presents television commercials for a new over-the-counter cold remedy.    
Technical details: VHS format.      
Personal author: Yip, George S. Williams, J. R.
HF6161.D7 V53 1985        
Why ads work [videorecording] : the power of self-deception.
  Publication info: Lake Zurich, IL : The Learning Seed, c1996.
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (23 min.)             
Abstract: Study proposes that ads rarely lie, but merely allow  much room for self-deception.  Video is designed to
 assist viewers in re-training their powers of critical thinking.
 Technical details: VHS format.      
Personal author: Schrank, Jeffrey.
HF5822 .W48    1996   HF5822 .W48 1996 GUIDE   
WinSales [videorecording] / Babson College.
  Publication info: Babson Park, Mass. : Babson College,
  Physical description: 1 videocassette (23 min.)  Series: (The Entrepreneurship case video series. Case no.
  Credits: CES Director, Bill Bygrave; producer, Jo Ann Mathieu;  senior editor/writer, Dan D'Heilly; editor/writer,
Andrea Alyse.                         
 Abstract: Describes the process one company went through to develop their marketing strategy.  WinSales, a company  marketing a sales automation software product replaced   magazine advertising and trade show exhibitions with a guerilla marketing campaign.
HB615 .B23 E68 NO. 14   

Ad Infinitum: The Many Paths into Advertising

What kind of person goes into advertising? How do you break in? And what does it take to succeed once you get there? This program goes to New York City-based Euro RSCG, one of the world’s largest ad agencies, to find out. Shoot-from-the-hip candid, a mixed group of recent hires and award-winning professionals—account executives, an art director, creative directors, executive creative directors, and the director of human resources—tell their stories to founding partner Tom Messner in a way that is as intriguing as it is informative. Ideal for helping students decide if a career in advertising is right for them—and for providing insight into the operation of an award-winning advertising shop. (60 minutes)

Item#: BVL37169
Copyright date: ©


America’s Ad Icons

The best product mascots and corporate ambassadors share two key features: they become indelibly associated with the things they represent and they remain relevant over time. This informative and entertaining program uses case studies of Tony the Tiger, Charlie the Tuna, the Energizer Bunny, Jack in the Box, Colonel Sanders, Kool-Aid Man, Mr. Peanut, Morris the Cat, and Mr. Clean to illustrate different approaches to creating memorable brand icons. The psychology behind their remarkable consumer and cultural appeal is also discussed. Many commercial clips are included. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes)

Item#: BVL32761
Copyright date: ©



Avon’s Still Calling

A business model based on door-to-door selling made sense in the 1950s, but today’s young adults love to shop—which means tough times for Avon. This case study examines forces that have seriously reduced the company’s market share and the aggressive steps it has taken to boost its customer base and rebuild its image. Identifying pivotal socioeconomic factors among women under age 35—including a stronger-than-ever desire for a “retail experience”—the program goes inside Avon’s corporate offices and R&D facilities to ascertain its recovery strategy. Viewers will accompany Avon salespeople, including men, on their rounds and explore bold marketing and advertising initiatives led by U.K. Avon president Andrea Slater. (30 minutes)

Item#: BVL37374
Copyright date: ©


Barbie’s Midlife Crisis: Mighty Mattel Fights Back

At 44, Barbie had been the queen of fashion dolls for generations of children. But her sales and profits began to slip as she was forced to fend off attacks from enemies both new and old: the fashion-conscious Bratz pack and Sindy, a former rival that may yet prove to be her nemesis. After providing Barbie’s history and some background on competitors, this program focuses on Mattel’s strategy, which includes giving traditional Barbie a makeover, dumping Ken, and unleashing My Scene Barbie on the Bratz—all to capture the potent new KGOY (kids growing older younger) market. Original BBCW broadcast title: Barbie’s Midlife Crisis. (30 minutes)

Item#: BVL34653
Copyright date: ©


The Beauty Backlash

With its “Real Beauty” information and marketing campaign, the Dove brand struck a chord with women skeptical of unhealthy or absurd standards of attractiveness. But did the campaign have the widespread impact Dove intended? And what are the implications for the global cosmetics and fashion industries? This program investigates consumer reactions against the idealized images of beauty promoted by TV, movies, and glossy magazines, while exploring the complex relationship between corporate strategy and feminine self-esteem. High-level insights concerning Dove, L’Oreal, and advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi provide a fascinating departure point for socioeconomic discourse. (29 minutes)
Copyright date: ©


Belle & Bunty Fashions: Attracting Investment Through Brand Image

Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam are the founders/designers for Belle & Bunty, London. Their trendy garments can be found in upscale boutiques and in the pages of Vogue, Glamour, and Elle—but they have yet to turn enough profit to expand their business or even pay themselves a wage. In this program, mentor John Boyle advises the duo to strenuously build their brand image to help them secure investment that will enable them to take their company to the next level. Through perseverance, Belle & Bunty gains good press with a celebrity endorsement by TV personality June Sarpong and secures a potential licensing deal with Debenhams, “Britain’s Favourite Department Store.” (24 minutes)

Item#: BVL37285
Copyright date: ©



Best of 2007: Clio Gold Plus

This program offers the best of the Clio gold and silver winners for the year 2007. Entries include Sony Bravia’s “Paint,” Combos’ “Fever,” Dove Self-Esteem Fund’s “Evolution,” Instituto de Apoio à Criança’s “Alzheimer’s,” AIDS Awareness PSA “Sugar Baby Love,” Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory,” Toyota Yaris’ “Chase,” Sprite’s “Sublymonal,” Vaseline’s “Sea of Skin,” Microsoft Xbox 360’s “Cops and Robbers,” JCPenney’s “Crazy Beautiful,” Sure Deodorant’s “Go Wild,” Sears’ “Arboretum,” Travelers Insurance’s “Snowball,” Nike’s “Swing,” Adidas’ “Equipo,” Toyota’s “Humanity,” and Skittles’ “Beard.” Some content may be objectionable. (41 minutes)


Item#: BVL37404
Copyright date: ©2007
VHS ISBN 978-1-4213-6744-6
DVD ISBN 978-1-4213-6745-3




The Big Squeeze: Rejuvenating a Century-Old Brand

With the aim of expanding brand-identity and revenue, an iconic product—the sticky, brown, vegetable-derived bread-spread known in Great Britain as Marmite—has been overhauled. This three-part series presents a fascinating case study in operational and creative management, telling the inside story of a high-stakes product launch. The result is a wide-ranging and entertaining visual guide to the evolving importance of brand-oriented product development. 3-part series, 25 minutes each.

Item#: BVL36448
Copyright date: ©


Branded: Personal Identity Through Consumer Products

This program updates the philosophy of branding, a practice that has evolved to define personal identity through a product line, a lifestyle, or simply a concept. Cultural anthropologist Ted Polhemus explains the theory of branding and its evolution in the global marketplace. Nicolas Hayek, CEO of Swatch, uses his company’s success story to discuss the emotional nature of buying—and buying into—a brand. The indie skateboard entrepreneurs of Girl & Chocolate describe their brand as representative of a lifestyle. And the advertising duo who created "do," a brand with a lot of attitude but no products, look at brands as a form of personal statement that replaces worn-out cultural identity tags such as political affiliation. (42 minutes)

Item#: BVL11159
Copyright date: ©


Buying into Sexy: The Sexing Up of Tweens

Ads targeting girls between the ages of 8 and 12 employ an increasing level of sexuality. Are advertisers responding to neo-feminist notions of “girl power” or are they leading girls toward harmful self-images? This program examines the trend by following a group of tween girls through their daily lives, recording their perceptions of fashion, celebrities, boys, and themselves. Interviews with both concerned and clueless parents—as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the corporate decision-making which so profoundly impacts tween culture—are also included. Frank conversations with Candie’s CEO Neil Cole and a hard look at MuchMusic programming practices enhance this urgently needed social analysis. (26 minutes)

Item#: BVL37465
Copyright date: ©


The Clios 2007

This program tallies up 2007’s winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Combos’ “Heart to Heart,” Honda’s “Brand New,” Camelot Lottery’s “Bag of Smiles,” Coca-Cola’s “Video Game,” Reale Mutua’s “The Family,” Skittles’ “Leak,” Nike Air Max’s “Defy,” Altoids’ “Fruit Pants,” BBC Radio 2’s “Elvis,” Minority Forum’s “Black Soccer Star,” Axe Dry’s “Mother Hen,” Volkswagen’s “Like,” Propel Fitness Water’s “Stress Monster,” Nokia’s “Jeans,” Guinness’ “Hands,” Johnny Walker’s “Human,” National Breast Cancer Center’s “Finding Changes,” and AIDS Awareness PSA “Sugar Baby Love.” Some content may be objectionable. (96 minutes)

Item#: BVL37403
Copyright date: ©



Elle Macpherson: Super Business Model

In a celebrity-obsessed culture, Elle Macpherson stands out. Known as “The Body” from her modeling days, she is also known as a dynamic business executive with keen insight into branding on a global scale. This program tracks Macpherson’s career as an entrepreneur, from the enduring success of her mid-market Intimates lingerie line, to her expansion into skincare products, to the launch of her upscale Boudoir lingerie line. Her early successes at licensing her name and likeness to lingerie retailer Bendon and her later behind-the-scenes work as executive director of surf apparel company Hot Tuna are also examined. This is a story of one of Australia’s great brand-builders—and she’s ready to take on the world. (29 minutes)

Item#: BVL38810
Copyright date: ©



Focus Groups: Targeting the Market

Focus groups are key to an effective advertising campaign and market dominance. A good focus group can reveal to a company who its real customers are, what they think, and—most important of all—whether they will buy its product or its competitor’s instead. This concise program looks at how one company, Happy Planet, ran focus groups to discover what its target market thought of its product and then applied the information to restrategize its advertising campaign and revamp the product. (9 minutes)

Item#: BVL30481
Copyright date: ©


The Four P’s, Part 1: Product and Pricing
Product, price, place, and promotion are the nuts and bolts of the marketing plan, and apply equally to deodorant and action figures. After a quick overview of the Four P’s, this program focuses on the first two: product and price. In part one, the classification of consumer products is divided up into convenience, shopping, and specialty products, while the product life cycle is tracked from introduction to decline. Part two spotlights pricing strategies—including skim, penetration, competitive, cost-based, and target-profit approaches—and price elasticity. (16 minutes)


Item#: BVL10142
Copyright date: ©


The Four P’s, Part 2: Place and Promotion

This program concentrates on the final two of the Four P’s: place, also known as distribution, and promotion. Part one covers distribution channels; horizontal and vertical channel conflict; and the use of corporate systems, administered systems, and contractual systems, such as franchises, to alleviate channel conflict. In part two, a pair of clones and other experts explain the objectives of promotion—to provide information, increase demand, stabilize sales, or accentuate a product’s value—and detail the components of the promotional mix: advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and sponsorship. (16 minutes)

Item#: BVL10143
Copyright date: ©


Get 1.1 Billion’s Attention: India’s Vast Car Market

With its population of 1.1 billion people, India is emerging as a huge market for companies around the world. This program focuses on the industry that truly embodies the material desires of middle-class Indian consumers: automobile production. With projected sales exceeding five million cars every year in the near future, competition among automakers is heating up across the subcontinent. Among the players are Ford, which has undertaken a zero-interest rate campaign; Japan’s Suzuki Motors, which currently holds a 50 percent share of the market; and South Korea’s Hyundai, which sells a car tall enough to accommodate turban-wearing passengers. Viewers will get a detailed view of this take-no-prisoners marketing war and gain an understanding of many sea changes occurring in Indian consumer culture. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (60 minutes)

Item#: BVL37613
Copyright date: ©


Get Cartier! Defending a Crown

As a market leader in high-end jewelry, Cartier has long defended its turf against the likes of Tiffany and Bulgari. But recently, luxury goods label Louis Vuitton launched its own line of fine jewelry—a move interpreted as a direct attack on the king of jewelers. In this program, award-winning business journalist Virginia Eastman gains unprecedented access to super-exclusive Cartier parties and PR events to observe the company’s strategy for retaining its dominant position as jeweler to royalty, celebrities, and the seriously wealthy. Original BBCW broadcast title: Get Cartier! (30 minutes)

Item#: BVL34652
Copyright date: ©



How They Sell
Shopping, once simply a basic task, now vies with television as America’s most popular leisure activity. How are retailers cashing in on all that discretionary spending? From the Turkish bazaar to the Mall of America, this program reveals the strategies being used to ensure that wallets and purses remain open for business. Retail anthropologist Paco Underhill, shopping center architect Eric Kuhne, retail analyst Claire Williams,’s Jeff Bezos, and Geoff Burch, "the world’s most persuasive man," share their insights into the importance of advertising, store design, product placement, and buyer behavior analysis—all underlying aggressive new approaches that have redefined consumers as targets. Original BBC broadcast title: Buy-ology: Program 2. (51 minutes)

Item#: BVL30020
Copyright date: ©


Igniting the Buzz: Cashing in on Cool

Marketing specialists can no longer rely on traditional media, such as television and print ads, to generate mass appeal. And sometimes they don’t need to. This program explores marketing case studies in which consumers—often those in the 18-to-25 age group—have boosted product sales through word-of-mouth, amateur videos, fan clubs, and other informal and unpaid means. Featuring commentary from marketing guru Seth Godin, author of Small Is the New Big and All Marketers Are Liars, the program takes viewers inside promotional crusades that have benefited from, or tried to exploit, nontraditional marketing. Examples include campaigns for Mukluk boots and Virgin Mobile as well as a giddy Mac user conference featuring Steve Jobs. (23 minutes)

Item#: BVL37471
Copyright date: ©


I-magine iPod Accessories: Jumping from Startup to Market Leader

Andrew Selby and Ali Farzad couldn’t find a place to buy cool iPod gear, so they started their own online business selling it—and profits are rising. Now they see an opportunity to expand into the Internet telephony market with phones and accessories, but exploiting it would mean embracing risk, enlarging their operation, and working harder than ever before. In this program, mentor John Boyle opens Andrew and Ali’s eyes to the untapped potential of i-magine and motivates them to leap into VoIP and position themselves as a market leader. After a slow start, Andrew and Ali successfully take action, but the shift from cruising to climbing is not an easy one. (24 minutes)

Item#: BVL37286
Copyright date: ©



In Brands We Trust

After “OK,” “Coca-Cola” is the most widespread word in the world. How did branding evolve into a global shadow force that packages lifestyles, commodifies personal values, and stands in for cornerstone cultural institutions? In this provocative program, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide’s Kevin Roberts, Chanel’s Jacques Helleu, anti-corporate crusader Naomi Klein, and others astutely address the concept of branding, its history, its impact on youth, key visionaries, and the convergence of brands and culture. A significant backlash against branding is also discussed. Coke, Nike, Chanel, Apple, and Benetton are spotlighted, and many other brands are touched on. (52 minutes)

Item#: BVL32594
Copyright date: ©



Inside Saatchi & Saatchi: A Spirited Case Study

Can Saatchi & Saatchi turn Sagatiba cachaça, a sugarcane liquor popular in Brazil, into a globally recognized brand? This program tracks the Sagatiba launch from start to finish—and in the process reveals the inner workings of an ad agency whose name is synonymous with success. Footage of key agency players brainstorming, running client meetings, producing commercials, and more illustrates how the iconic Jesus statue in Rio became the model for a cool young lookalike who stands in as the living image of the "Pure Spirit of Brazil." Original BBCW broadcast title: Inside Saatchi & Saatchi: Selling Brazilian Spirit. (40 minutes)

Item#: BVL34639
Copyright date: ©



Internet Marketing and Advertising Strategies
In a market where hundreds of online ventures take off each week, only the educated e-tailer will succeed. This four-part series introduces marketing and advertising professionals as well as students to the knowledge they need to enter the e-commerce arena, where access to the eyes—and wallets—of millions is only a click away. 4-part series, 13-22 minutes each.

Item#: BVL11152
Copyright date: ©



Making it Big on eBay

Almost anything can be sold on eBay, from office supplies to office buildings. But that doesn’t mean eBay success comes easily. This program follows three very different entrepreneurs as they struggle to make the massive Internet auction site work for them. From a living room crammed full of nostalgic nicknacks, Simon hopes to earn enough to pay his mortgage—if he can avoid getting kicked off eBay again. Wilma is a bit more organized, having hired a photographer and an assistant to help her sell secondhand clothing. Meanwhile, Jameel is well on his way to launching a fully branded jewelry company within the eBay “mall”—assuming he can attract the necessary investors. (30 minutes)

Item#: BVL37375
Copyright date: ©


Marketplace of Ideas, Volume 1

In this program, nine judges from the 1999 Clio Executive Juries talk about how creatives get their ideas, the dangers of overtesting ads, the need for even more effective advertising, and other topics. Also, a dynamic group of international industry executives from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco; Young & Rubicam, London; CLM/BBDO, Paris; Scholz & Friends, Berlin; Ginkgo Saatchi & Saatchi, Montevideo; Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur; and other agencies discuss commercials such as Volkswagen’s "Snowplow," Maxell’s "Israelites," and Little Caesars’ "Focus Group" to provide insights into what makes a TV spot a success. (32 minutes)

Item#: BVL11391
Copyright date: ©


Marketplace of Ideas, Volume 2

In this program, thirteen judges from the 2000 Clio Executive Juries speak on topics such as the teamwork involved in making an ad, how a campaign sometimes shocks people’s ideas of advertising, and the motivation for being in the advertising business. In addition, industry leaders drawn from prominent agencies around the world, including Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis; Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai; Paradiset DDB, Stockholm; Clemenger/BBDO, Melbourne; and Agulla & Baccetti, Buenos Aires, analyze TV spots such as MTV’s "Jukka Brothers" and Diesel Jeans’ "A Day in Pyongyang" and several print ads and posters from the Clio archives. (31 minutes)

Item#: BVL11392
Copyright date: ©


Marketplace of Ideas: What Makes a Great Advertisement?

Who knows what makes a great advertisement? The judges for the annual Clio Awards do, and in this penetrating two-part series they spell it out. In addition, creatives from some of the world’s best agencies share their knowledge and experience, as they discuss the business of making profitable—and memorable—TV and radio spots, print ads, and posters. 2-part series, 31-32 minutes each.

Item#: BVL11390
Copyright date: ©


Microsoft’s Vista: The Product Launch

Seven years and $10 billion in the making, Microsoft’s Vista is more than just an operating system; it’s a paradigm shift. Over the course of the run-up to the Vista launch, this program takes viewers into the meetings—and inside the minds—that decided on key aspects of the operating system and its debut. CEO Steve Ballmer, Windows Marketing Vice President Mike Sievert, Vista Design Director Tjeerd Hoek, Vista Creative Director Jenny Lam, and others in the know discuss the development of Vista, the Vista “Wow” advertising campaign, pre-launch PR events, the maddening delays that plagued the project, and even the design of the iconic Start button. Background on Bill Gates and Microsoft is included. (30 minutes)

Item#: BVL38811
Copyright date: ©


Microsoft’s Big Games Gamble

Going behind the scenes at the world’s leading software company, this consumer technology case study takes a front-row seat at the conception, development, and product launch of the Xbox 360. Interviews with executives, designers, programmers, and game testers at the center of Microsoft’s initiative highlight a creative and intensely competitive culture prevalent not only at the Redmond-based tech giant but across the entire videogame industry as well. Conversations with potential customers evoke the difficult challenge Microsoft has set for itself: to dominate the game market by appealing to buyers outside the traditional young male demographic. (29 minutes)

Item#: BVL36230
Copyright date: ©


Rethinking the Advertising Game

Conventional wisdom says an ad agency should promote the brands of its clients. Why would the reverse ever happen? This fast-paced case study profiles three young executives as they open up Rethink, a new agency. The quirky realities of starting and running an ad business become clear with each “first” in the growth of the company—the moment Rethink signs its first clients, hires its first employees, creates its first television campaign, and launches a product with its own name on the label. Viewers will indeed rethink the ad game as this upstart agency’s self-named beer is bottled and sold—part of an unusual strategy for a brewery that has hired them. Will Rethink’s risk produce results? (19 minutes)

Item#: BVL37474
Copyright date: ©


Rhyme Pays: Hip-Hop and the Marketing of Cool

Back in the day, Run-DMC’s mega-hit My Adidas promoted consumerism as a form of rebellion. More recently, however, as savvy teens lose interest in traditional forms of advertising, product placement in lyrics and music videos has become big, big business for manufacturers and rappers alike. Drawing on interviews with Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records; Camille Hackney, of Elektra Entertainment Group; Damon Dash, CEO of Roc-a-fella Enterprises; media literacy advocate Debbie Gordon; and numerous Canadian rap artists, this program follows the money into the music/marketing arena. Clifton Joseph, a co-founder of the dub poetry movement in Canada, hosts. (57 minutes)

Item#: BVL37478
Copyright date: ©



Why We Buy

This program places consumers under a microscope to quantify the psychological spectrum of buying, from everyday habits that typically steer Americans through their supermarkets and malls to a clinical disorder in which the high of making a purchase becomes the goal of shopping. James Twitchell, author of ADCULT USA; psychologist David Lewis, author of The Soul of the New Consumer; Brian Wansink, director of the University of Illinois’ Food and Brand Lab; brand strategist Robin Lauffer; and others focus on a variety of topics, including the biochemistry of shopping, the intersection of branding and lifestyle, consumerism as a way of life, and compulsive shopping disorder. Original BBC broadcast title: Buy-ology: Program 1. (51 minutes)