Course Syllabus
Fall 2012


   Horn 159
   Office Hours: You make the call

                      Instructor: Prof. Norm Govoni
                 Office: Malloy 214

Course Description   
”Hello, everybody. Welcome to Kiner’s Korner. This is…uh. I’m…uh. Uh. I’m…uh.
                                                Hello again, everybody.”
  Ralph Kiner

Marketing 3575 focuses on the application of specific marketing concepts, tools, and frameworks to the many dimensions of sports marketing, both by sports and through sports. Attention will be directed at contemporary issues affecting professional and amateur sports and at gaining the mindset needed to understand and make considered judgments on the impact of sports on society. We will be dedicated to acquiring the skills required to make strategically sound business decisions in the sports marketing context. Our study of sports marketing will be aided by a textbook, cases, speakers, video and audio clips, and a variety of team and individual assignments, including a semester-long team project to design a comprehensive sponsorship marketing proposal. Above all, as we go about our study of sports marketing, we will be guided by the strong belief that the journey outdoes the destination every time and that the thrill of the chase makes it all worthwhile. As RWB, our founder, once stated: “…the fun is in the striving rather than in the arriving.” Our expedition is fueled by high-octane passion.

Course Objectives 
”This year I’m aimin’ for 200 hits or maybe even 225…whichever comes first.”  Paul Waner

We will be steadfast in our pursuit to:

  • study the place of sports in society, including the social and ethical dimensions of sports.
  • learn how marketing concepts apply to sports marketing.
  • experience the importance of an integrated marketing approach to planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating marketing programs in the sports industry.
  • recognize that marketing analysis and strategy are key for sports marketing.
  • apply critical thinking to the challenges faced by the sports industry.
  • enhance the skills required to communicate logically and persuasively.
  • show that success in the sports industry ultimately rests on having a competitive advantage that provides value and satisfaction to target markets.
  • promote a genuine appreciation of the history of sports through a look at events and people which will allow us to recognize that the future of sports lies behind us.


Course Materials    
"You have to get out and work the territory, get out where the feed is fed,
                                            ask questions and listen hard."
Paul Harper

Sports Marketing, 2/e. Fullerton. McGraw-Hill/Irwin. 2010.
Cases: TBA.
: Distributed in class.
Suggested Reading
: Sports Business Journal and Sports Marketing Quarterly are two publications you need to read on a regular basis. For additional sources, see me.
Premier Database
: SBRnet--TheUltimateSportsBusinessResource (available via the library website).
Babson Library


Performance Evaluation and Grading   
”Fill in any figure for that fella. Whatever it is, it’s
                                                                                          a deal" 
 Branch Rickey                                                                                                                                                                                                    



Your final grade for the course will be determined by your performance on the following:



Sponsorship Proposal Project


A Legend of the Game Assignment


SAY HEY! Assignment


Rx for Amateur Sports Assignment


Class Performance (includes speaker papers)


Adopt-a-Team Report   OPTIONAL

10%   X-CREDIT




A note on classroom performance: Our classroom should be regarded as an open forum in which everyone has the obligation to speak and to respect the opinions of others when they speak. Your involvement and participation are vital to the success of this learning experience. Your thoughts and opinions are always valued. Regarding the 20 points assigned to the class performance portion of your final grade, each person starts at zero and builds toward a score of 20. Sporadic participation is not a way to achieve a favorable evaluation on classroom performance; instead a good evaluation requires consistently positive contributions throughout the full semester. Your work will always be measured against the standards of excellence. You are not competing against the work of another student. Helping each other is an exchange that works to mutual advantage. While the weights assigned to the graded elements above will be dominant in the determination of your final course grade, please understand that the grade will be influenced by your attitude and deportment during the semester. In schoolwork, just as in horseshoes and bocce…billiards, too – THE SCOREBOARD TELLS ONLY PART OF THE STORY.

                      [Preparation + Participation + Perseverance + Pride + Politeness + Principles] x Passion = Performance


Projects and Assignments 
 “You add a little to a little and soon you have a lot.”    Anne Onamus 

There are five projects (four required) for you to work on during the semester. These exercises will allow you to demonstrate your analytic ability and creativity in various areas of sports marketing. The subject of each project is to be approved by your instructor prior to your commencing work on it. Full details for each project are contained in Sponsorship Proposal Guidelines and Solo Projects Guidelines, both distributed in class.



Sponsorship Proposal   Just take the ball an’ throw strikes. Home plate don’t move.   Leroy “Satchel” Paige

As a member of a team acting on behalf of a sports property, you will target a potential sponsor and develop a comprehensive sponsorship proposal to convince them to commit to being a partner in your event, team, league, or venue.



Adopt-a-Team Marketing Program  This team is amazin’. An’ I mean amazin’.  Charles Dillon “Casey” Stengel

Working solo, you are to select a team and proceed to investigate, describe, and evaluate its marketing program, and then offer suggestions for improvement. OPTIONAL: X-CREDIT



SAY HEY! Report [Back When it Was a Game]   They throw the ball, I hit it. They hit the ball, I catch it.
                                                                               I think I was the best baseball player I ever saw
." “Say Hey!” Willie Mays

Operating independently, for each of three eras in sports, you are asked to select and write about an event, an incident, a single play, an achievement, or some occurrence that had a major impact at the time of its happening; something that when related to an off-season gathering around the Hot Stove would elicit a thunderous "SAY HEY!" The eras to be investigated are: pre-1960, 1960-1969, 1970-1979.



Rx for Amateur Sports Paper“Nothing wrong with kids’ sports that locking out adults couldn’t cure. Joe Finn

In another unassisted effort, settle on the world of amateur sports and identify what you consider to be a problem or situation in need of attention (e.g., college athletes’ behavior, college coaches’ compensation packages, switching memberships in collegiate conferences, paying college athletes, colleges serving as minor leagues for professional teams, funding of high school sports, parental involvement in young kids’ sports, and many more); then, describe the situation you have chosen, why it is significant, and offer your custom solution to make it right.



A Legend of the Game“Anybody who’s ever had the privilege of seeing me play knows that I am the greatest
                                                     pitcher in the world.
“Dizzy” Dean

Going it alone, select an individual from the list provided in the guidelines document and then describe what makes him/her a standout worthy of the title “A Legend of the Game.” You may propose a name not on the list; however, as with all other projects, prior approval is required.




"I never really said most of the things I said."    Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra 



Several speakers will be visiting us to share their experiences and engage in a question-and-answer session. Each individual has been spectacularly successful in a given field and has registered achievements resulting in lasting contributions that transcend the world of sports. For each speaker, you will be asked to write a one-page single-spaced review and critique. The paper should include two take-away pearls that you will long remember.  The write-ups will be considered as part of your class performance grade. By the nature of the universe in which each of these individuals operate, the speaker schedule is always subject to change. Each speaker paper will be due at our next class, 11:30am sharp. Hard copy only.









John Fisher
Dan Schorr

Former CEO, Saucony
Owner, Start2Finish Marketing

Donna Caponi Former LPGA Tour Player

Jody Mooradian

Senior Associate AD/SWA, Boston College

Mark Bavaro

Former NFL Player

Barbara Stevens

Head Coach—Women’s Basketball, Bentley

Matt Keator

Player Agent

Joe Bertagna

Commissioner, Hockey East

Chris Johnson
Matt Whelan

VP-Corporate Partnerships, TD Garden
Director, Ticket Operations, TD Garden

Steve Markos
Tessa Caffrey

Dir., Corporate Partnership Sales, Celtics
Dir., Corporate Partners Activation, Celtics

Dave Maher

VP-U.S. Sales, Titleist

Sam Kennedy

EVP/COO, Boston Red Sox

John McDonald

MLB Player

Steve Buckley

Sports Columnist—Boston Herald

Coaching Staff 
”To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”   Chinese Proverb 

The following members of the Babson athletics department coaching staff have graciously agreed to serve as a resource for advice and assistance related to locating information, industry contacts, and ideas on topics of interest: Jon Anderson, Jim Berrigan, Judy Blinstrub, Dave Canan, Matt Noone, Nellie Pineault, and Jamie Rice.



Assignment Schedule  "I sure wish I’d known early what I had to learn late."   Don Richard “Whitey” Ashburn  











August 29







September 5

The Business of Sports; Marketing Decisions

Text: Chapters 1, 2, 3





September 10

Research Tools -- Nancy Dlott






September 12

The Sports Industry: Selected Aspects (1)






September 17

The Sports Industry: Selected Aspects (2)






September 19

John Fisher: Saucony
Dan Schorr: Start2Finish Marketing

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Text: Chapter 13





September 24

Donna Caponi-Byrnes: former LPGA tour player
Title IX; Planning for Sponsorship

Text: Chapters 4, 5





September 26

Jody Mooradian: Boston College






October 1

Organizing and Implementing the Sponsorship                

Text: Chapters 6, 7





October 3

Mark Bavaro: former NFL player
Evaluating Sponsorships/Relationship Marketing

Text: Chapters 8, 9, 18





October 9

Product Decisions

Text: Chapter 14





October 10

Barbara Stevens: Bentley University






October 15

Matt Keator: Player Agent
Pricing, Distribution, Ambush Marketing

Text: Chapters 17, 15





October 17

Joe Bertagna: Hockey East
Venue Naming Rights; Licensing

Text: Chapters 10, 12

October 22

Chris Johnson/Matt Whelan: TD Garden


October 24

David Maher: Titleist






October 29

Steve Markos: Boston Celtics
Tessa Caffrey: Boston Celtics






October 31


Text: Chapter 11





November 5

Sam Kennedy: Boston Red Sox
Managing the Badly Behaving;
Social and Ethical Issues in Sports

Text: Chapters 19, 20





November 7

John McDonald: MLB player                                          ----------



November 12

Steve Buckley: Boston Herald                                       



November 14

Promotion Decisions in Sports Marketing

Text: Chapter 16





November 26

Presentations: Sponsorship Proposals






November 28

Presentations: Sponsorship Proposals






December 3

Presentations: Sponsorship Proposals






December 5

Presentations: Sponsorship Proposals






December 14

Course Review; Sponsorship Proposals Due




Always remember – follow directions.
“I told some of ‘em to line up alphabetically by height, and the others I told ‘em to pair up in threes then line up in a circle. You shoulda seen the mess they got themselves into. You’d a thought they’d have to be Norman Einstein to understand what I said. It’s the little things like this you gotta deal with in spring training. These fellas can’t even follow the simplest directions when they first get down here.   John “Little Napoleon” McGraw                                                                                                                                                                                    


DEADLINES FOR ALL DELIVERABLES "The Hall of Fame ceremonies this year are on the 31st and 32nd of July."                                                                                                                                                                                          Ralph Kiner

Date/Time *

Deliverable **



Aug 31 [Fri]:   12:00pm 

Property team members list (e-mail accepted)

Sept 10 [Mon]:   11:30am

Property (“sponsee”) selected

Sept 17 [Mon]:   11:30am

Target sponsor selected

Sept 24 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Fisher/Schorr)

Sept 26 [Wed]:   11:30am Speaker paper (Caponi-Byrnes)

Sept 28 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship progress report #1  DATA SOURCES

Oct 1 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Mooradian)

Oct 3 [Wed]:   11:30am

Legend of the Game paper

Oct 9 [Tues]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Bavaro)

Oct 10 [Wed]:   11:30am

SAY HEY! paper

Oct 15 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Stevens)

Oct 17 [Wed]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Keator)

Oct 19 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship progress report #2

Oct 22 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Bertagna)

Oct 24 [Wed]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Whelan/Johnson)

Oct 29 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Maher)

Oct 31 [Wed]:   11:30am

Amateur sports Rx paper

Nov 5 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker papers (Markos/Caffrey)

Nov 7 [Wed]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Kennedy)

Nov 9 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship progress report #3

Nov 12 [Mon]:   12:00pm

Speaker paper (McDonald)

Nov 14 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Buckley)

Nov 26 [Mon]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Nov 28 [Wed]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Dec 3 [Mon]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Dec 5 [Wed]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Dec 10 [Mon]:   12:00noon

Adopt-a-Team paper—OPTIONAL

Dec 14 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship proposal final report

   * late work not accepted.        ** hard copy only, except for Aug 31 deliverable

“Because of the late arrival of the bid, the Defense Department will not consider US Aerospace’s proposal…for a $35 billion contract.
Each company’s bid was required to be submitted by 2 p.m.…it arrived at 2:05 p.m. It did not arrive in time…These deadlines count, and any professional understands that.”
  “Air Force tanker bid thrown out for arriving 5 minutes late.”, August 6, 2010.
“It gets late early out there.”  Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra            "Better never than late."    George Bernard Shaw