“What’s the Big Idea?”  
David Ogilvy                                             FINAL REPORT OUTLINE                                

The assignment

For MKT 3575, a PARTNERSHIP PROPOSAL is a blueprint of a comprehensive plan created by a sports property for presentation to a company or other party to convince them to become a partner (i.e., sponsor) for the property’s event, team, league, venue, or other entity. A polished proposal is key to gaining sponsor approval to participate in the opportunity presented by the property. The document should spell out the details of the cash and/or in-kind services to be paid to a property in return for access to the exploitable commercial potential associated with that property. The project rests on the idea that the genius of managing a sponsorship program, including the design of a proposal, is acquired only through its practice, relying on a system of learned skills and experiences.

As a member of a special projects team acting on behalf of a sports property, you are asked to identify a potential sponsor and proceed to develop a complete proposal aimed at getting the prospect to become a partner. Both the selected property and the target sponsor are subject to the approval of your instructor. Ineligible for consideration are existing sponsors of the property and you are to operate under the assumption that current sponsors will remain partners with the property under the same conditions as at present.

Some examples:

Category Property Sponsors (partial list)
Event Wegmans LPGA Championship
Bay State Games
Staples, Heineken, Toyota
New Balance, Verizon, Boston Bruins Foundation
Team Boston Red Sox
US Ski Team
Marriott, Benjamin Moore, W.B. Mason
Delta, Nature Valley, Visa
League Professional Bowlers Association
Big 12 Conference
Geico, Pepsi, Budweiser
Dr. Pepper, Motel 6, Phillips 66
Venue Charlotte Motor Speedway
DCU Center (Worcester)
Pennzoil, Panasonic, Jim Beam
Foxwoods, McDonald’s, Yellowbook


The deliverable
:                Check out the FINAL REPORT OUTLINE
A complete sponsorship proposal – so well thought out and crafted that it inspires a spirited and powerful nomination for charter membership in the Sports Sponsorship Hall of Fame, should one come to reality. 

:  December 14 – 12:00noon



Learning Objectives "You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there.”
Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra


Developing a comprehensive, integrated sports sponsorship proposal will enable you to achieve a keen awareness and understanding of the decisions, issues, challenges, and activities in the design of such a document. Specifically, this project will enable you to:


·         Identify the key components of a sports sponsorship proposal.

·         Gain insight into the preparation required to produce an effective sponsorship proposal.

·         Learn the factors that add value to a sponsorship.

·         Understand what it takes to convince a potential sponsor to partner with your property.

·         Acquire expertise in locating and using information needed for a sports sponsorship proposal.


Status Reports and Meetings  "Promise them anything.”  Jerry Della Femina


You will be asked to submit a bulleted two-page up-to-the-minute report of the status of your proposal, as of the following dates: September 28, October 19, and November 9. Each status report should tell what you have achieved at that point in time, information sources utilized, a sample of the findings, progress made since the previous report, and mention of your next moves. In addition, each status report has a set of mandatories that must be included (see below). A status report is not a substitute for meeting with your instructor. You are encouraged to periodically schedule meetings with me to discuss any aspect of your sponsorship proposal. Scheduling such meetings is the responsibility of the team and there is no limit to the number of meetings. Meeting early and often is advisable.


          Status Report Mandatories     "We’re lost, but we’re makin’ good time.”  “Yogi” again


          SR 1:  Event history, other sponsors, data sources

          SR 2:  Event audience profile

          SR 3:  Property’s promotion mix and media plan essentials; plus, a tentative activation plan.


In preparing a status report, it is wise to remember that its content represents your best thinking at the moment and issuance of a report does not signal completion of that specific phase of the sponsorship plan. The status reports will be kept at my office and will serve as checkpoints for monitoring your progress on the plan. Any questions or concerns about the content of a status report will be addressed to the property team no later than the day following submission. No such contact means the status report is fine; but, you are welcome to discuss the report with me at any time. Remember: status reports are important.








The Final Product  
"Beauty without substance is the hook without bait."  Ralph Waldo Emerson


The written sponsorship proposal becomes the permanent record of your team’s effort. It should reflect the care and attention to merit the document bearing your good name. Content and style, including grammar and word choice, of the final product are equally important. Format is your choice, bearing in mind that the proposal is a selling tool. You may submit your work for evaluation any number of times prior to the final deadline. A suggested outline for the sponsorship proposal is included with this project description.   Check out the FINAL REPORT OUTLINE


Two copies of the completed sponsorship proposal should be submitted—the original and a photocopy. The original should be in the exact form as you would present to the potential sponsor; the photocopy should be unbound and need not contain color, pages that are larger than standard size, or the Appendix material that may be part of the original. The photocopy will be used for marking.


The Presentation    "It ain't braggin' if you can back it up."  Jay Hanna "Dizzy" Dean


The “pitch” will be thirty minutes in length and should be guided by one goal: to secure favorable action on the part of the target sponsor. Remember that the sponsor is looking for value and satisfaction. Do whatever you think necessary to get the potential sponsor to become a partner. You should use the written sponsorship proposal as a guideline for what you want to communicate in your presentation. The class will play the role of the potential sponsor.       PITCH EVALUATION FORM


Your Commitment  “Getting’ the players ain’t the tough part; it’s getting ‘em to play together."
Charles Dillon “Casey “ Stengel


Development of a standout sponsorship proposal is a major enterprise. An explosive push out of the starting block is essential for a first-rate final product to be a reality. A solid result depends on a consistently strong and dedicated effort right through the final stages. It requires each team member to do a fair share of the work and to make good on the commitment. You simply cannot make up for lost time or for another individual’s less-than-total effort. Team members will be asked to submit a performance evaluation of each member of the team, including a self-appraisal. The form will be distributed when the proposal is submitted.        PEER EVALUATION FORM


Information Sources "Knowledge is of two kinds: we know a subject or we know where to find information on it."

                                                                                                                                                                   Anne Onamus

Just to get you started. In addition to Sports Business Journal and the SBRnet database available through the Babson library, there are several noteworthy publications that offer top-quality and in-depth coverage of sponsorship, all of which are available for your use at my office. They are:

IEG’s Guide to Sponsorship. Ukman. IEG, LLC. 2010.
Sponsorships 101. Lynde. Lynde & Associates. 2007.
Our textbook by Fullerton. pp. 94-290.
Strategic Sport Marketing. Shilbury, Westerbeek, Quick, Funk. Allen & Unwin. 2009. pp. 245-281.
Sports Marketing. Shank. Pearson Prentice-Hall. 2009. pp. 324-362.
Sport Marketing. Mullin, Hardy, Sutton. Human Kinetics. 2007. pp. 313-339.







Deadlines     "I got players with bad watches -- they can't tell midnight from noon."     “Casey" on another one






·         Property Teams Formed

August 31, Friday:  12:00pm [via e-mail]

·         Property Approved

September 10, Monday:  11:30am [in class]

·         Target Sponsor Identified

September 17, Monday:  11:30am [in class]

·         Status Report #1

September 28, Friday:  12:00pm [my office]

·         Status Report #2

October 19, Friday:  12:00pm [my office]

·         Status Report #3

November 9, Friday:  12:00pm [my office]

·         Sponsor Pitch

November 26, 28 + December  3, 5—11:30am-1:05pm [in class]

·         Sponsorship Proposal (final)

December 14, Friday:  12:00pm [my office]