The Assignment:


You will be given full-color copies of five energy bar advertisements that appeared in the same issue of Runner's World magazine. Your assignment is to compare, contrast, and thoroughly evaluate each of the five advertisements. Your analysis should focus on elements such as: the copy, artwork, illustrations, visuals, headlines, layout, gaze motion (eye movement through the advertisement), use of color, the font, and other aspects you consider important.

Rank each advertisement in terms of its overall effectiveness. Explain your reasons. Place a number between 1-5 at the bottom of the page to indicate your ranking of each advertisement, with a "1" indicating the best of the five. Also, following your analysis of each advertisement, suggest one specific change you believe will improve it, and be sure to tell why your suggestion would result in a better execution.

You produce a paper, seven pages in length, single-spacing:
a cover page, a page for each of the five evaluations, and a final page on which you describe your suggestion for improving each advertisement.