DEADLINES FOR ALL DELIVERABLES "The Hall of Fame ceremonies this year are on the 31st and 32nd of July."                                                                                                                                                                                          Ralph Kiner

Date/Time *

Deliverable **



Aug 31 [Fri]:   12:00pm 

Property team members list (e-mail accepted)

Sept 10 [Mon]:   11:30am

Property (“sponsee”) selected

Sept 17 [Mon]:   11:30am

Target sponsor selected

Sept 24 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Fisher/Schorr)

Sept 28 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship progress report #1  DATA SOURCES

Oct 1 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Mooradian)

Oct 3 [Wed]:   11:30am

Legend of the Game paper

Oct 9 [Tues]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Bavaro)

Oct 10 [Wed]:   11:30am

SAY HEY! paper

Oct 15 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Stevens)

Oct 17 [Wed]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Keator)

Oct 19 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship progress report #2

Oct 22 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Bertagna)

Oct 24 [Wed]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Whelan/Johnson)

Oct 29 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Maher)

Oct 31 [Wed]:   11:30am

Amateur sports Rx paper

Nov 5 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker papers (Markos/Caffrey)

Nov 7 [Wed]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Kennedy)

Nov 9 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship progress report #3

Nov 12 [Mon]:   12:00pm

Speaker paper (McDonald)

Nov 14 [Mon]:   11:30am

Speaker paper (Buckley)

Nov 26 [Mon]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Nov 28 [Wed]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Dec 3 [Mon]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Dec 5 [Wed]:   11:30am-1:05pm

Sponsor pitch

Dec 10 [Mon]:   12:00noon

Adopt-a-Team paper—OPTIONAL

Dec 14 [Fri]:   12:00pm

Sponsorship proposal final report

   * late work not accepted.        ** hard copy only, except for Aug 31 deliverable

“Because of the late arrival of the bid, the Defense Department will not consider US Aerospace’s proposal…for a $35 billion contract.
Each company’s bid was required to be submitted by 2 p.m…it arrived at 2:05 p.m. It did not arrive in time…These deadlines count, and any professional understands that.”
  “Air Force tanker bid thrown out for arriving 5 minutes late.”, August 6, 2010.
“It gets late early out there.”  Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra