"In the factory, we make baseball gloves. In the store, we sell dreams.” A. G. Spalding

The assignment


From the world of amateur sports, identify what you consider to be a problem or situation in need of attention; then, describe the situation you have chosen, why it is significant, and offer your custom solution to make it right.

Some suggested topics: college athletes’ behavior, college coaches’ compensation packages, switching memberships in collegiate conferences, paying college athletes, colleges serving as minor leagues for professional teams, college players' relationship with prospective agents, funding of high school sports, parental involvement in young kids’ sports, year-round activities with one sport, influence of non-scholastic coaches on school-age players. Many more.

To blast out of the gate, check out the following sources for a wide range of timely topics:


Sports Business Journal  (via Babson library)
Sports Marketing Quarterly
  (via Babson library)
SBRnet  (via Babson library)


I will be glad to assist you in finding a topic.



The deliverable:


A three-page single-space paper describing the situation, its significance, and your fix-it plan. Also, attach a fourth page (single-spacing) on which you comment on the following words from our own Roger W. Babson:

 “(In sports), the fun is in the striving not the arriving.”

Deadline:  October 31 – 11:30am