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zapping   changing television channels via remote control, especially to avoid commercials; also refers to erasing commercials entirely from videotaped television programs. 

zip code analysis   in direct mail marketing, the evaluation of responses according to postal zip codes to determine purchasing patterns and obtain a measure of which areas are the most receptive to direct mail marketing efforts.  

zipping   on television programs that have been videotaped with a VCR, using the remote control to fast-forward through the commercials to avoid them.  

zone pricing   geographical pricing whereby the marketer establishes a series of zones and assesses the same freight charge to all customers within a particular zone, with each zone having a different price.  

zoned edition   a newspaper’s practice of making available coverage of only a portion of the total geographical market served by the newspaper, usually by means of a special weekly section that is devoted to editorial matter of  interest to the people in that particular area; advertisers may advertise only in the copies of the newspaper that go to that area. For example, the West Weekly special section of the Boston Sunday Globe that goes to 32 communities in the west suburbs of Boston, with editorial matter geared to those communities and an opportunity for advertisers to target their messages. 

zoom   in television advertising, to move the camera in on a scene or away from it; done by adjusting the camera lens in shooting the commercial.