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key   see key number. 

key account   a major client of an advertising agency, by virtue of its large advertising budget, the profitability to the agency, the portion of the agency’s total billings it represents, or the prestige or presence it brings to the agency for having that particular client on the roster; may also refer to an especially important customer of a company, such as a major retail chain or a major department store, often handled by a key accounts sales force.  

key account management    overseeing the design, implementation, maintenance, review and follow-up of all activities and programs involved in an organization’s relationship with its most important customers or clients, by virtue of their profit, sales volume, or prestige value; see account management. 

key number   a code placed within an advertisement or coupon so that an inquiry, coupon return, order, or other response can be traced to a specific ad or publication; the code may be a variation in address, a number, a letter, or some other such identification. Useful in testing to determine which headline, appeal, layout, or publication, for example, generated the most responses. 

keyword   on the Internet, a word or group of words entered into the query window of a search engine (e.g., Google or Yahoo!) by the user to find documents or pages that contain the key word(s). 

kicker   in print advertising, very brief copy in small type placed above the headline to introduce the advertisement. 

kidvid   an informal term for television programming directly exclusively to children. 

kill copy   a copy of a periodical that has been marked to indicate which advertising will not appear in the next issue. 

kill order   an advertiser’s instruction to cancel an insertion order, or any scheduled advertising or promotion. 

killer copy   an advertising message that ignites in the individual an exceptionally strong  desire to do just what the advertiser is asking for. 

kinetic board   in outdoor advertising, a billboard equipped with motorized special effects for a changing message or for an animated feature such as a waving hand, an emerging smile, moving legs, or a bouncing ball; see trivision board. 

king-size poster   in transit advertising, an advertising sign placed on the sides of a bus or transit vehicle, below the windows; poster measures 30” high by 144” wide. A super king-size poster measures 30” high by 240” wide. See exterior bus, headlight poster, taillight poster, and queen-size poster  

kiosk   a stand-alone display unit or area that serves as an interactive information center whereby the consumer and advertiser can engage in two-way communications by computer hookup, even to the point of consummating a sale; also refers to a stand at which personal sales transactions can be made.

knock off   a look-alike product that plays off the acceptance of a well-known brand and whose appeal is on the basis of price; e.g., replicas of Oakley sunglasses that sell for 20 percent of the price of the real thing. May also refer to the sound-alike name of a brand or store, such as Victor's Secret playing off Victoria's Secret.