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J.D. Power   see Power, J.D. 

jingle   captivating music that is an integral part of the message in a television or radio commercial, generally including the advertising theme or slogan; can be an original song or an adaptation of popular music. Sometimes referred to as a musical commercial. 

job description   a formal written statement detailing the duties, responsibilities, expectations, and conditions associated with a particular position with an organization. 

joint marketing   see co-marketing. 

joint promotion   see tie-in promotion. 

joint venturing   in international marketing, when a domestic firm forms a partnership with a foreign company to conduct production and/or marketing operations in the foreign country. 

Joyce Julius & Associates   the premier company engaged in sponsorship evaluation research serving corporate sponsors, advertising agencies, and television networks; collects and distributes data that helps to determine return-on-investment in sponsorships of televised sports and special events. See Sponsors Report and NTIV Analysis. 

jpg   on the Internet, a still-image file for saving and sending images from one computer to another. 

judgment sample   in survey research for marketing and advertising, a type of non-probability sample in which respondents are chosen based on the researcher’s intuition that they would be truthful and representative of the population; see non-probability sample, convenience sample, quota sample, probability sample, and survey method. 

junior page   see junior unit. 

junior panel   in outdoor advertising, an 8-sheet poster, as opposed to the larger standard size, i.e., 30-sheet poster; see 8-sheet poster and 30-sheet poster. 

junior poster   see junior panel. 

junior spread   in print advertising, an advertisement that appears on two facing pages, occupying only a portion of each page; see half-page spread. Also called a pony spread.    

junior unit   a magazine advertisement produced in a single size with dimensions that make it a full-page ad in some publications, but a partial page – a junior unit or page – in other publications, with editorial matter on at least two of its borders, but often surrounded entirely by editorial matter; e.g., the exact same ad both in content and size that occupies a full page in Reader’s Digest is a less-than-full page ad, or junior unit, in Newsweek. If the junior unit happens to be the same dimensions as a Reader’s Digest page, it is sometimes referred to as adigest unit” or “digest size” in a larger magazine. Also called a junior page. See island position. 

Jupiter Media Metrix   a leading provider of web site ratings; data are based on a national sample of web users, whose web activity is measured by special monitors attached to the computer. 

jury of executive opinion   a sales forecasting method in which several of a firm’s executives use their market knowledge to make judgments about the likely future sales picture for a product; individual executives’ opinions are then discussed and combined to arrive at a consensus predicted sales level. Typically involves seasoned veterans from several areas within the firm. See sales forecast, composite of sales force opinion, expert opinion, test marketing, market potential, and sales potential. 

jury test   in advertising research, presenting advertisements to a panel of consumers to get their reactions, opinions, and ratings of the ads; see portfolio test. 

just noticeable difference   the smallest amount of difference between two things that registers with and tells the consumer that there is a difference; may pertain to a regular price and a price reduction or increase in the same brand, a change in a product’s features, or the difference between one brand and another. See Weber’s Law. 

justified type   in print advertising, printed matter (i.e., copy) that is perfectly aligned on both sides, left and right; all lines are of the same length. See flush and ragged.